Who am I?

Well to start off with I am Bryan, a VCF advocate and part-time golfer, wishing I could be golfing more than I am.


I have been working with VMware Cloud Foundation since 2017, throughout this time I have come across so many different types of deployment designs and implementations and wanted to share this information with everyone.

Why should I listen to you, Bryan? 

Being someone that works with VMware Cloud Foundation on a daily basis, I feel I can provide with some tidbits of information that I come across and maybe get you out of a sticky situation in the future. 

At times, I plan on providing details around better utilizing the solution and understanding some misconceptions about VCF.

Why are there Golf posts?

The majority of the content I will be posting here will, in fact, be VMware Cloud Foundation or similar related, though throughout each year I do find myself experiencing either a really enjoyable round of golf or travelling to a remarkable golf course somewhere in the world which I will also be sharing on this site to talk about my experience (for those who care to read it / enjoy golf as well).