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Golf is Back - What a way to start this Blog!

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Living in Ireland during the outbreak of COVID-19 has been 'challenging' to say the least. Everyone's lives globally have been strained and immense pressure put on the Health Services.

As the country has now moved in Phase 2 and the number of new cases within Ireland continues to drop daily, I can start going to my local club for a few rounds of golf each week as with Phase 2, we are now allowed to travel anywhere within the county. whereas we were previously limited to 5 kilometres.

I decided to take some time off at the start of this week to allow for some downtime from work (VMware Cloud Foundation, what else!) and enjoy the much missed game of golf. As a member of a golf course, I have my regular 3-ball group which I was glad to catch up with and with the weather the way its been, the couple of rounds I played were made all that much sweeter!

Some of the new guidelines for Golf during this pandemic have felt bizarre to me and even though it's been great to get out and clear my head from all that's going on in the world, some of the rules bring back the sharp reality of what's going on. Take the post-round handshake or high-five, this is now something that golfers should not be doing to ensure no transference of the disease and maintain social distancing. Without this gesture, the round just ends and feels anti-climatic irrelevant of how well you did, some thought may be needed into a new gesture for my 3-ball.

I actually got to play four rounds of golf this week which I found myself immensely fortunate to have been able to achieve. With how the weather was supposed to have taken a turn for the worse, I firmly believed some of these days would have been a wash-out. Each day I turned up to the golf course, I was greeted by blue sky, 20 degrees and a slight wind, a perfect day for golf.

Scoring on these days could have been better, though for my Handicap of 17 this was above average and I am just delighted to be back playing. Some work and practice now needed in fixing my awful short game.

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